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This TEXTUAL-CONVENTION can be used as the syntax of an object that contains any GMPLS Label. Objects with this syntax can be used to represent labels that have label types that are not defined in any RFCs. The freeform GMPLS Label may also be used by systems that do not wish to represent labels that have label types defined in RFCs using type-specific syntaxes.
  OCTET STRING Size(0..64)  

Determines the interpretation that should be applied to an object that encodes a label. The possible types are: gmplsMplsLabel(1) - The label is an MPLS Packet, Cell, or Frame Label and is encoded as described for the TEXTUAL- CONVENTION MplsLabel defined in RFC 3811. gmplsPortWavelengthLabel(2) - The label is a Port or Wavelength Label as defined in RFC 3471. gmplsFreeformLabel(3) - The label is any form of label encoded as an OCTET STRING using the TEXTUAL-CONVENTION GmplsFreeformLabel. gmplsSonetLabel(4) - The label is a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Label as defined in RFC 4606. gmplsSdhLabel(5) - The label is a Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Label as defined in RFC 4606. gmplsWavebandLabel(6) - The label is a Waveband Label as defined in RFC 3471.
  INTEGER gmplsMplsLabel(1), gmplsPortWavelengthLabel(2), gmplsFreeformGeneralizedLabel(3), gmplsSonetLabel(4), gmplsSdhLabel(5), gmplsWavebandLabel(6)  

The direction of data flow on an Label Switched Path (LSP) segment with respect to the head of the LSP. Where an LSP is signaled using a conventional signaling protocol, the 'head' of the LSP is the source of the signaling (also known as the ingress) and the 'tail' is the destination (also known as the egress). For unidirectional LSPs, this usually matches the direction of flow of data. For manually configured unidirectional LSPs, the direction of the LSP segment matches the direction of flow of data. For manually configured bidirectional LSPs, an arbitrary decision must be made about which LER is the 'head'.
  INTEGER forward(1), reverse(2)  

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Copyright (C) The IETF Trust (2007). This version of this MIB module is part of RFC 4801; see the RFC itself for full legal notices. This MIB module defines TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONs for concepts used in Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) networks.