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Offer of services

Security audit

Your network has grown so not mastered and you lost the complete and comprehensive vision?

  • The "inventory" audit lets you reconstruct the state of all devices on the network and their connections.

You want to identify security risks of specific equipment (server, firewall, router, switch ...)?

  • The "equipment" audit performs a full system scan, lists the risks and proposes measures to remove or decrease these risks.

You want to identify security risks associated with a solution (email, DNS, web ...)?

  • The "solution" audit identifies flows of communication and security risks associated with a solution. It also proposes measures to remove or decrease these risks.

You want to analyze the flow matrix instantiated on filtering equipment (firewall, router, switch ...)?

  • The "filtering" audit performs an analysis of the configuration of the equipment for possible filtering holes and identifies unnecessary rules. The flow matrix document is updated during this audit.

Architecture definition

You want to bring security dimension to your project during its definition?

  • I step in the specification phase of the solution within the project team bringing this dimension, defining security rules and drafting the flow matrix.

You want to manage the IP address of your solution by integrating best practices specific to security?

  • I step in the early phases and during the deployment of your project to define the IP addressing plan by collecting all information related to safety and preparing the documentation.

Hardware integration

You want to deploy equipments (servers, firewalls, routers, switches ...) in a machine room?

  • I perform mechanical deployment of these equipments in the racks. This deployment includes setting up, network and power connections.

You want to make the first start of your equipment (servers, firewalls, routers, switches ...)?

  • I install or update the original operating system and install a basic network configuration to allow a minimum remote access.

You want to install the complete and secure configuration of your equipment?

  • I assure the implementation of complete and secure configuration on the platform in accordance with the configuration document and make the recipe of the equipment.

Users support

You need a safety-oriented specific training, network or system for your users?

  • We validate together the content of training (awareness, description of the deployed solution, study of a specific concept ...); I realize the course material and ensure the delivery of training.

You want to give your users assistance to handle the deployed solution?

  • I attend and work permanently and exclusively with your users to enable them to understand the operation and support the solution for optimal transfer of competencies.

You want troubleshooting help or diagnosis of a problem?

  • I analyze the problem (security, network or system), search for the root cause and propose a solution for remediation.

Software developpement

You want to create a program or utility for a specific need?

  • I take care of the specification (console or graphical), writing documentation, development (C, C ++, Perl or shell) and test of this program (Linux, Windows, or Solaris).

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