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Professional experience

Since 2015 : Freelance Security Consultant (Circitor)

Several security audit missions for various international customers.

  • Network and servers security audit of CBG in Guinea.

2014 to 2015: Security consultant (Alcatel-Lucent)

  • Deployments of FortiGate security equipments (firewalls) in Togo and Ghana on operational networks of telecom operators.
  • Drafting of related documents (HLD, LLD, configuration manual, flow matrix).
  • Training and assistance to operational users to handle the solution, working on incidents.
  • Realization of a report generator based on logs generated by FortiGate firewalls.

2012 to 2014: VitalQIP technical manager (Alcatel-Lucent)

  • Technical manager of the VitalQIP solution (DNS and DHCP servers) at SFR France.
  • Deployments, hardware/software updates and configuration changes. Monitoring and resolution of anomalies.

2010 to 2011: Supervision technical manage (Alcatel-Lucent)

  • Deployment (hardware and software) of a network monitoring solution at Orange Tunisia (NNMi, HP Sitescope and Operation Manager) and at Globacom Ghana (ProactiveNet BMC Software).
  • Startup assistance mission at Orange Tunisia for 3 months to train and help the customer to use the deployed solution.

2004 to 2009: Security consultant (Alcatel-Lucent)

  • Security equipment deployment (Cisco and Fortinet) in Ghana and Burkina Faso on operational networks (Vodafone, Onatel).
  • Trace analysis cell at CNES (definition of possible investigations, implementation of procedures, specification of methods, tools development, analysis reports ...).
  • Security audits (network, code, applications).
  • Technical manager for “Security Operation Center” (SOC) Alcatel-Lucent offer.

2000 to 2004: Technical manager (VIGILANTe)

  • Technical manager of the brand SecureScan. Implementing, monitoring and updating the user documentation. Managing a project team of 5 people.
  • Ensuring the link between sales, marketing, and project support. Specifying new product features. Qualifying problems reported by customers. Monitoring bug fixes.

1995 to 2000: Security consultant (Alcatel TITN Answare)

  • Responsible for several customers when setting up framework agreements. Participating to the definition of audits and the management of results.
  • Security audits (intrusive, check or control). Training and educating users and administrators to security. Defining an audit method called MARS.

1993 to 1995: Project manager (Alcatel TITN Answare)

  • Performing self-tests for VME cards on Syracuse platform.
  • Modifying the ARINC 429 simulator used to test A340 calculators. Developing electronic low layers for Cerise micro satellite.
  • Realizing an X25 simulator.

1991 to 1993: Software developer (Serita Informatique)

  • Qualifying the rewrite of X25 layer with a suite of X25 tests and a simulator.
  • Developing an X25 driver and its API on a 68,000 embedded card with 1 LAPB controller.

1980 à 1990: Electronics (Marine Nationale)

  • Realizing the electronic interface between a PC and a plane with an ARINC 429 bus.
  • Managing a 10 people team to enforce a squadron of helicopters.
  • Repairing electronic equipments on helicopters.

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