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Cafuro is a SNMP tool aimed to be used by network and system administrators to help them configuring their SNMP network and equipments.

  • Cafuro is an SNMP simulator. It can greatly help you when setting up NMS (Network Management Software) system by simulating any kind of SNMP device.
  • Cafuro is able to parse and display MIB files. It is installed with about 1500 MIB files.
  • Cafuro can interrogate an SNMP agent and display any OID managed this agent.
  • Cafuro can receive and decode SNMP traps sent by remote agents.
  • Cafuro can set values on a remote SNMP agent.
  • Cafuro program can operate on any Windows host (from Windows XP SP3 to Windows Server 2008). It supports Intel x86 architectures, both 32 and 64 bits.
  • Cafuro program is a totally free.

MIBs browser

Other screenshots are available on this page.

You can download Cafuro on this page.