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On this page, you will find softwares written by me:




Cafuro Cafuro

Cafuro is a SNMP tool aimed to be used by network and system administrators to help them configuring their SNMP network equipments.

WinAgentLog WinAgentLog

WinAgentLog is a Windows service that collects EventLog messages generated by the EventLog subsystem and transmits them with Syslog protocol to a remote host

e-verbe e-verbe

The program e-verbe is a powerful verb conjugation of the French language running on Windows hosts or Android terminals.


The program GPS is a simple application that displays GPS information on your smartphone.

GPS SensorList

SensorList is a very usefull application to display hardware sensors of your smartphone

BatteryStatus BatteryStatus

BatteryStatus is a very nice application showing the battery level of your smartphone in real time


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